Our Story

For over 100 years, fish has been Iceland’s most important export.

The early processing method consisted of curing and salting, until the middle of the century when freezing was introduced and quickly became and excellent way of conserving food products in the freshest state possible for different markets.

Icelandic Group, formerly known as Icelandic Freezing Plants Corporation, was founded in 1942 with the objective of “selling local seafood products that have been processed in their own plants to foreign markets”.

Today, Icelandic Group is a leading company in the processing and distribution of frozen fish and seafood from Iceland.

Icelandic Group sells their products on the international market, keeping with the highest quality standards and Iceland fishing traditions, something that is reflected in all their operations.

The whole product cycle is coordinated and synchronized from capture at sea to the consumer’s hands.

Icelandic manages the production, transport and marketing of their products in the most effective and sustainable way possible.

Therefore, the Icelandic brand is synonymous with quality fish and seafood in the major world markets.

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